Solid curriculum

Our courses are based on the traditional Dars-e-Nizami curriculum and are taught by highly skilled, qualified and knowledgable teachers who specialise in these fields.

All our courses are taught in English. This is to ensure that there no barriers in understanding the classical texts. Students are equipped with the ability to read, write and speak Arabic so that one can translate from Arabic into English.

highly qualified staff

Our highly qualified staff strive in incorporating traditional methods of teaching with secular academic skills to ensure that all subjects are taught precisely with the progress of every student in mind.

Here, at Darul Ilm we offer courses suitable for all. Whether you are a student, a mother, a father, a professional or a mature student we have courses entailed to suit individual needs. We have online and onsite provisions which students can aim to fit around their daily timetables.

monitering progress

Our staff at Darul Ilm Birmingham maintain regular contact with our students. We monitor progress to ensure that our students are understanding and encompassing the various subjects which they are studying.

We offer personal support and attention to our students to enhance their personal and social development. Students progress is monitored regularly through homework, back sabak, examinations and termly anjumans (presentations).

We encourage all our students to engage in correct adab (Islamic ettiquette) and tarbiyah (religious discipline) to ensure that our students put into practice what they have been taught. We place great emphasis on the spiritual development of our students.


At Darul Ilm Birmingham our focus is on quality. We ensure that our lessons are delivered with the utmost precision and quality so that our students can derive maximum benefit from the course.

What is unique about Darul Ilm Birmingham is that we ensure every single book in our syllabus is completed thrououghly. No book is left incomplete. This equips our students with thorough knowledge in all aspects of the curriculum.


Our students are encouraged to ponder regarding the needs of the communities in which they reside. We focus our attention on local and global outreach progammes which our students initiate and participate in. This helps nurture their personal growth and confidence by transending social and cultural borders harvesting in them a desire to be charitable.


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