Alimiyyah Course

Is the Alimiyyah Course Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, Our Alimiyyah course is suitable for beginners, although having some understanding of Arabic grammar might be helpful it is not a requirement to stud the course.

We require all our students to be fully committed to the course, have good time management and good organisation skills. We believe this will help all our students have the basis of a strong foundation they will require to complete their studies.

Our Alimiyyah course can be completed fully online from anywhere in the world. There will be no requirement to attend onsite classes to complete the Alimiyyah course.

Our Alimiyyah course is Taught in Arabic & English.

The Morning Alimiyyah classes are completed over a duration of 5 Years.

The Evening and Weekend Alimiyyah Classes are completed over a duration of 6 Years.

Upon completion of the Alimiyyah course, there will be a graduation ceremony held and you will be awarded with a certificate of completion.

Yes, Our Alimiyyah course is equivalent to BA Degree In Islamic Sciences.

Yes, after completion of the Alimiyyah course, some of our students go on to study the Ifta Course. We also offer Hadith Specialisation course and Tafsir Specialisation course which would be suitable for further studies after the completion of the Alimiyyah Course.

No, Our Alimiyyah course can be studied from anywhere in the world.

Yes, If you have previously studied the Alimiyyah course, you maybe able to enrol for a higher year group after a short admissions assessment. For more information please contact us at

Yes, there are examinations at the end of each term. Examinations are conducted via written assessments and oral examinations.

The pass mark for our examinations is 75%. If you fail to reach the pass mark you will have the option to take resit examinations in order to proceed to the following term.

Yes, our brothers and sisters classes are fully segregated.

Yes, attendance to the live lessons is mandatory to ensure you can keep up with the classwork.

All absences have to be notified and authorised prior to ti being taken.

Yes, all our online lessons are recorded and will be made available to students to refer to via their student portals.

We would recommend students do an additional 4 hours a week of independent study.

The Course fees are as follows:

Year 1: £300 Per Term
Year 2: £325 Per Term
Year 3: £350 Per Term
Year 4: £375 Per Term
Year 5: £400 Per Term
Year 6: £450 Per Term

Please note fees are due are the start of every term, there are three terms in the academic year.


Yes, you can pay the course fees in monthly installments if that is more manageable for you. Please email us at in order to set up a monthly payment plan.

To enrol for the Alimiyyah course please see the link below for a list of all our courses and the different class timings we offer and click on ‘Buy This Course’ and complete the enrolment process:

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Alternatively you can email us at and our admin team can assist you on the enrolment process.


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