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Darul Ilm is based in Birmingham and is a registered charity. It runs with the assistance, du´as (prayers), and regular rectification of the senior teachers of Darul Uloom Bury. The support from the teachers is sincerely appreciated and we pray Allah rewards them for all their help. Ameen.

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Our alim program is comprehensive. The first two years focus on developing a strong foundation in Arabic grammar and morphology. Fiqh (jurisprudence), tafsir (Qur’anic commentary), hadith, history, and aqidah studies continue throughout. The program culminates with detailed coverage of the six canonical books of hadith.


For those who have completed the alim program at our institute or have graduated from another reputable madrasah, we offer takhassus (specialization) courses in hadith and tafsir, as well as ifta (the science of giving Islamic legal rulings).


Darul Ilm is actively involved in our local community, by offering short courses on a regular basis, engaging in community projects, and establishing activities for the youth. We offer alimiyah courses and other facilities for women to empower those members of our community who may otherwise not be able to acquire religious knowledge due to domestic needs and childbearing.


At a global level, we work to establish links with Muslim communities across the world to develop our networks and promote unity and brotherhood. We also encourage our students to establish maktabs, institutes, and madrasahs to spread knowledge. We helped one of our students in Mexico establish the first Alim/Alimah course in the Spanish world, and also helped with a small maktab/institute in Sweden.


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