SEN Maktab

Our SEN Maktab classes were created to cater to the growing number of students who desire the learn Islam and recite the Quran but require additional support that is not always available in traditional madrassah settings.

We recognise each student as a unique individual and believe that all children are given to us in trust by Allah. We are able to cater for mild to moderate learning difficulties and we work to develop individual learning goals so that no child is left behind.

Our classes are taught by teachers experienced in teaching individuals with SEN.  We keep group sizes small and use a range of media and activity based learning to teach Arabic.  Fundamentally, we work to create an environment where students feel safe and welcomed.

Classes are every Sunday at 10am.

For more information please contact us on 07898 062315 or complete the form below.

SEN Stay & Play

Our Parent and Child sessions were created to guide parents on how to help their child learn Islam at home.  Using play as a primary medium, we share many techniques that we use in our Maktab classes to help teach at home. 

We show parents how we adapt games and toys to make learning fun and enjoyable.  These techniques can be used with siblings who may or may not SEN.

Every Sunday from 10am till 11am
Fee: £5 per session

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