Monthly Islahi Bayan & Zikr Majlis


Brothers and Sisters




Sunday 12th February 2023


After Isha Salah (Approx. 8:00pm)


Navigating the world today has become increasingly difficult and burdensome.

The lack of spiritual self-reflection and half- hearted efforts towards self rectification or *Islah* has eroded and weaken our Imaan.

Everyone needs to refuel physically and more so spiritually, yet we often neglect our nafs, allowing it to become subjected to its own whims to the detriment of our souls, negatively impacting our Imaan.

Darul Ilm Birmingham aims to provide social and spiritual enrichment whilst celebrating and empowering our Islamic identities as the Ummah united by our devotion to Allah The Exalted and our love for our Beloved Prophetﷺ.


*Come and join our Islahi Bayan and Zikr Majlis to unshackle the nafs, revive the heart and enlighten the soul.*





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