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    Darul Ilm
    21st May 2020

    Genetic Screening Dissertation

    Darul Ilm
    25th March 2019

    New Zealand Terrorist Attack

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    Fabrizio Bosco (Canada)

    Mufti Tosir Miah and all the respected 'Ustazs are very passionate and professional. I warmly recommend everyone to attend their classes. May Allah bless Darul 'Ilm

    Abdullah Al Mamun (Australia)

    One of the best places for sacred knowledge seekers. Now I am started believing that InshaALLAH I can be an Alim though having a family and full-time job. AlhamduliLLAH constant care of Mufti Saab and other respected teachers of Darul Ilm Birmingham opened the door for Ilm of Nabuwwat for many students of the Western world where no physical madrassa is available.

    Year 1 Sister (Australia)

    "Darul Ilm has been a challenge but out of the many Arabic courses I've tried, it has been the most successful so far. It's consistency and structure of terms, where there are exams at the end of each term, have helped me to internalise the knowledge and take it more seriously."

    Year 1 Sister (Australia)

    "Darul Ilm Birmingham has a supportive staff and a sophisticated curriculum that opens an array of opportunities for students like me who are just at the beginning of a life long journey of Ilm."

    Mohammed (Sydney, Australia)

    "A great opportunity for the student of knowledge to indulge himself into the deen of Allah. Darul Ilm’s traditional yet modern approach to Islamic education is indeed a perk to the student of today, as it has been for myself."

    Samir Abu Ruqayyah (3rd Year Online Alim Course Student)

    "Words cannot express how Darul Ilm has changed my life and my family's. I used to wander around online and in my local area, looking for some serious courses, and alhamdulillah I found Darul Ilm. I really recommend studying with them!"

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