Our Method of Teaching

Darul Ilm Birmingham stresses the importance of not abandoning the traditional way of teaching, thus that is why we base all of our courses on the Dars-e-Nizami curriculum and the Madrasah way of teaching. We stress the importance of Adab (Islamic etiquette) and the close relation between the teacher and student, thus that is why it is much easier to teach and learn knowledge when there is a close nisbat (relation) between both sides. Regardless if the student attends lessons on-site or online, we make sure that the Adab is always present and that the students respect and follow our rules of conduct in class, as well as practices Islam in his/her daily life.

We teach with the medium of English and a lot of weight is put on engaging in discourses in Arabic, writing and reading arabic texts, so that the student squires a firm knowledge of the Arabic language. For indeed Arabic is a essential subject that one needs to know in order to study more advanced books in Hadith, Tafsir, Fiqh, etc.

Quality is also our main focus; we want quality, and not just quantity. That is why we prefer small classes of serious dedicated students, rather than big classes of individuals that do not really want to study. We always make sure to conduct a interview with each and every prospective student, in order to ensure that he/she understands what we ask of him/her and that we can establish the principles in the students from the very first day. And success comes only from Allah, The Most High.