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Our Mission

Darul Ilm Birmngham was established in order to facilitate the learning and imparting of knowledge as conveyed by the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace.

Our Courses

From Alim/Alimah Courses to Hifdh & Maktab classes, Darul Ilm offers a wide range of benefical courses both online and on-site. Review our courses and register today.

Our Teachers

All of our courses are taught by experienced and knowledgable Alims, Alimahs and Huffadh. The Prophet, peace be upon him, has said: “And verily the scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets” (Abu Dawud)

Our on-site & online Alim/Alimah Course batches starts on July 18, 2016

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

  • Words can’t actually express how I truly feel, alhamdulillah we are extremely blessed to have been granted this great opportunity by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. The course and the teachers are amazing!

    Samir Muric (Student, Sweden)
    3rd Year Online Alim Course
  • I never thought I would be able to study Islamic sciences while still in my country. The studies have not only gained me more knowledge, but I feel I am a better muslim now also.

    Sister Nimrah (Student, Sweden)
    1st Year Online Alimah Course
  • “Alhamdulilah” is a word frequently uttered by me during my time I’ve spent in Darul-ilm being a combination of an online and an on-site student I have found the a’limiah intensive course to be very flexible and adaptable to my comfort zone as well as providing a very high standard of education which has brought about much positive qualities within me.

    Sister Rahna Wakil
    5th Year Alimah Course
  • The online alim course has enable me to fulfil my desire of seeking sacred knowledge from the basics, learning directly from the experienced and amazing teachers even-though it is thousands of miles apart.
    The course itself is well structured, taking the benefits of both the proven Dars-Nizami curriculum and the advantage of technology in learning.

    Brother Sharif (Malaysia)
    3rd Year Online Alim Student
  • I have benefited greatly from the classes at Darul Ilm. It is not very common to go through actual books in an online setting, yet they offer it and the level of teaching and explanation remains high. I will definitely recommend.

    Brother Talut (Mexico)
    Online Alim Student
  • Studying at Darul Ilm has truly filled the gap for me, in my ambition and fulfilling the right of seeking knowledge to better myself. Alhamdulillah it is truly wonderful to have come across such dedicated scholars as Mufti Saab who make institutes as Darul Ilm what they are, with their leadership, consistent dedication, hard work, teaching methods, guidance and ongoing support to students. It is a truly wonderful experience studying our beautiful religion at this institute.

    Sister Umm Mustafa
    Year 3 Alimah Student